SwimCount mentioned in the Andrology Scientific Paper

SwimCount mentioned in the Andrology Scientific Paper

March 22, 2018

SwimCount Sperm Quality Test has recently been mentioned in the prestigious Andrology Scientific Paper under the headline of ‘Emerging technologies for home-based semen analysis’

You can find the article by clicking the link above or at the end of this post and for an easier reading we have marked with yellow all the places where there is something relevant especially to SwimCount.

SwimCount is covered both with a picture and a text and overall, we are very pleased with the comments stated regarding SwimCount as we could not expect anymore, as this is not a commercial but a very serious scientific article.

Another good part of the article is as that they mention and conclude that:

  1. At-Home sperm analysis is a valuable tool for determining the man’s fertility potential especially for couples struggling with infertility
  2. Comparing the results of different studies, the concentration of progressively motile spermatozoa seems to be the most predictive factor regarding outcome. IMPORTANT: The comment made in the article is not fully consistent with the reference by TOMLINSON et al., 2013 which clearly states that: “The concentration of progressively motile sperm has consistently been shown to be the most predictive factor with regard to outcome”
  3. Men are reluctant to seek conventional clinical testing due to a high cost, long wait time, inconvenience or social stigma and therefore might be more willing to use home-based sperm analysis kits
  4. With home-based kits Men are able to rapidly evaluate their fertility potential with ease at a low cost from the comfort and privacy of their own homes unlike traditionally based methods
  5. Although currently available home systems only provide rudimentary results they can give users a basic idea of their fertility potential based on a few parameters and motivate them to pursue more comprehensive testing
  6. Home-based testing is relevant as they encourage hesitant men to take a first step in investigating their fertility potential and should continue to be improved

You can read the article here.


Emerging technologies for homebased semen analysis